20 June 2017


Big News! The Academy obtains the recognition of a 10-month ARTISTIC MAKEUP ARTIST* training program (Level III**) by the Minister in charge of professional training. A new step forward for the recognition of the makeup artisti trade in France. 

For its 15th anniversary, MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Paris reaffirms its educational influence on the makeup artist trades by obtaining the recognition of a 10-month ARTISTIC MAKEUP ARTIST* training program (Level III**) by the Minister in charge of professional training and its registration in the Répertoire National de Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) / (“National Repertory of Professional Certifications”). This label offers a guarantee to both students and future employers of a high standard of teaching, an essential factor for MAKE UP FOR EVER as a benchmark training brand. The granting of this label is an accomplishment for the brand, which has fought for the recognition of the professional makeup artist trade in France.

« We're very proud to announce that we have received the official "RNCP" for our 10 month Master program at the Paris Academy by the French Ministry of Labor. This is a true recognition of the pedagogical validity of our program and the expertise of our teachers at the Make Up For Ever Academy. Furthermore it is recognition of the profession of Artistic Makeup Artist in the Beauty business thereby providing our students with a certified diploma for their future career in the world of makeup.”

Karen Williams, Global Academy Director, Make Up For Ever

Since 2002 MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy, founded by dany Sanz, develop the expertise, talent and creativity of the new generation of makeup artists. The mission of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy: to train students from all horizons in the lastest trends and all of the makeup trades, preparing them to progress to careers in fashion, photography, sales, the cinema and other sector. A unique educational approach developed over the course of an impressive career, alternating theory and practice. This approach is spread worldwide through a network of 10 schools in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, etc. amongst more than 500 future makeup artists and beauty (beauticians, hairdressers, beauty experts…) and entertainment professionals (actors, photographers, models…) each year.

Concerned about the satisfaction and the professional integration of his students, MAKE UP FOR EVER conducted a survey with his former students:

88% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with their training (program, professors, courses, exams, book…)

76% work in the beauty or cosmetics industries :

  • 51% are autoentrepreneurs or freelancers
  • 36% are employees with permanent contract
  • The 13% left are employees with fixed-term contract, technicians in the entertainment industry, interim or entrepreneur

A big step for MAKE UP FOR EVER and its historical Academy but also for the profession, which it was important to share with our community!

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