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Shanghai Academy - Students Portfolios

MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Shanghai is very proud to show you some of the 2016 long training students best work!

Wendy FU, manager of the Shanghai Academy, tell us more about their work on image and photography.

1) These pictures look amazing, Could you tell us more about the evolution of artistic direction? 

"I think that everything comes from Passion, the passion for makeup. Our students do their own artistic researches, they are trained to collect pictures everyday. Then they share them with teachers and classmates in our artistic historical course & Styling course. When they master makeup so they are ready for their shooting, they have their own "moodboard". So when we assign the shooting topic, they have many additional material to create their own visuals."

2) What were the topics ? How do you choose them?

"The Topics are all related to the fashion trends, design & art history. For thei visuals, they can pick what they want among these topics.  We believe that creativity comes from experiences, when you learn, you get the energy, explore your own mind to create the visuals. "

3) Are you satisfied with the results? What are you up to next year?
"So far so good, but we looks for more ideas and dig more possibilities out. Our teachers are working with our photographer to decide the next topics while monitoring the new trends so our students can produce content that match with the market.  Except for the Master Course, we follow Paris Academy shooting topics."


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MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Shanghai Student work

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