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work & testimonials

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Beauty&Fashion Group Feeback Feb 2017

"I join the Academy to learn the basics, I have gained so much confidence. It was a magical experience!" - Lena   "It was am...

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Tina Le - Customized Training

Tina Le is a famous Makeup artist in Vietnam, she spent a month at La Cité du Cinéma in Paris for a Private Advanced Beauty Training wit...

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El Hocine - Beauty Basics +

El Hocine is an international makeup artist since 11 years. He chose to take the Beauty Basics + course to confirm his knowledge and develop new skill...

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Summer School 2015 - Camila Pinzon

Camila is actress in Colombia. She took the 2 month Summer School class in Paris in 2015 and she tells us everything about this amazing experience

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