Make Up Artists

Make Up Artists

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Mylène Ruaux

Master training Senior Lead Teacher ARTISTIC EXPERT

What makes this career so rewarding for me is passing on what we know. I work wi...

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Carole Rostaing

Makeup Artist & in charge of intensive trainings

andreeline-dumont-makeupforever-horizontal Read more
Andrée-Line Dumont

Teacher Makeup Artist

I enjoy being faced with new makeup challenges each day and passing on my skills...

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Mathieu Inard

Lead Teacher Makeup Artist BEAUTY EXPERT

When you study at the Paris Academy you encounter a high standard of teaching an...

bruno-vannacci-dessin-makeupforeveracademy-1 Read more
Bruno Vannacci

Drawing teacher

My teaching method is based on a relationship between the art of the movement of...

julietteveljovic-makeupforeveracademy1 Read more
Juliette Veljovic

Makeup artist & affiliate teacher for intensive trainings

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Florence Rodriguez

Make up artist & teacher for intensive trainings

Transformations and the process of creating a character are still fascinating to...

jennifergarnier-makeup Read more
Jennifer Guernier

Make up artist & teacher for intensive trainings

I was meant to become a makeup artist

louise-loctin-makeup2 Read more
Louise Loctin

Make up artist & teacher for intensive trainings

The creations of great makeup artists for editos and shows fascinate me

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Cathelyne Viriot

Teacher Makeup Artist

If I hadn't been a makeup artist, she would have been a teacher.

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