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Beauty&Fashion Group Feeback Feb 2017

"I join the Academy to learn the basics, I have gained so much confidence. It was a magical experience!" - Lena


"It was amazing!! We’ve learnt so much in such a short time.
Teachers allowed us to question ourselves.  It gives us the opportunity to improve our skills quickly. And it was an amazing human experience.
As it is really important to always train to improve ourselfs, we would be glad to come back at the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY." - Sunna, Cingy & Lica

« An intense but efficient training.
In a nice environment, teachers were patient and attentive. They have boosted my confidence vy giving constructive advices while not being judgmental.
I arrived with a lot of expectations, I’m definitely not disappointed !
We are very proud to have been a student at MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy.” - Bandy, Léa & Christine


@sunnabjorkmakeup & @make_lica

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