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Beauty & Fashion video testimonial 2018

Katrine and Tammy, 2 former students of the 1-month Beauty&Fashion training, give us their feedback and tell us everything they loved about the course : teachers, skills, products... They loved it!

"Hello my name is Katrine, I'm from Danemark. I'm a hairdresser. I chose the Beauty & Fashion, here in Paris, because it's very nice to say you are a makeup artist educated in the Fashion city of Paris instead of little Copenhagen.

I really liked the program, you improve your skills easily. The first week we had struggles with finding the right foundation and now we actually know which one to use before starting. That's really cool!"

"Hi I'm name is Tammy, I'm from Malaysia. I'm a graphic designer. Why did I choose the 1-month Beauty&Fashion course because French people have a very different definition of beauty compared to people in Malaysia and China. So that's why I came all the way from Malaysia to learn here. I really loved it because teachers here are really friendly and helpful, there is nothing more to ask for. In 2 weeks I have learned so much!"

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