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Beauty & Fashion Testimonial - Maureen

Maureen, former student of the 1-month Beauty&Fashion training, gives us their feedback and tells us everything she  loved about the course : teachers, skills, products... she loved it!


"My name is Maureen I’m from the Philippines, I just finished my business degree in California. Now I’m here at the Academy to study makeup.

Why did you do the Academy?

I’ve known the brand growing up I have a lot of their products as well and I really like them, and I wanted to study makeup because it has always been a passion.

I chose to come to Paris because I really like the city.

What did you think about the Beauty & Fashion Training?

I chose this course because it is intensive, it is very intuitive in terms of the techniques we learn. I understand products better, you become a lot more comfortable working with different types of skin tones and ethnicities.

Would you recommend the training?

I highly recommend this training! The teachers are really supportive and give very constructive criticism. Vous aussi venez à la MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy"

Maureen Testimonial - B&F

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