What makeup to adopt for a healthy glow?

15 December 2021

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Long hours at work, stress, pollution… There are many reasons to feel and look tired. However, there are makeup tricks to conceal and get a fresh complexion and a healthy glow in a few minutes.

Focus on your complexion to mask fatigue.

A fresh look is achieved with a nude complexion. After a bad night, we tend to have drawn features. To smooth the face and skin, do not forget the first step: using a smoothing and illuminating base. To apply it, use small touches, on the wings of the nose and the eyelids, and then stretch the product with soft and light gestures.

You can then apply your foundation. Good to know using a heavy amount of foundation is not recommended to hide fatigue: the more tired your skin is, the more the foundation will mark the creases of your skin, creating a textured “mask”. Therefore, prefer foundations with a lighter texture.

Then, conceal your dark circles. If you have a pale to medium complexion, choose pink or bisque. The peach corrector is for darker skin tones. For very dark skin tones, we prefer a dark peach or bisque tone. Be careful not to mix your regular concealer and the color concealer for your dark circles, but rather superimpose them. To get a professional result, apply the concealer with a brush and blend it with your finger to smooth it. The last step is to fix it with a yellow or white transparent powder for a long-lasting effect!

Finally, for a flawless complexion and to mask signs of fatigue, your best friend will be the bronzing powder!  Obviously, the idea is not to overdo it, but to create a nice, light tan, like the one you get after a weekend in the sun! For a natural effect, we rely on the trio of powders that combine bronzer, blush, and highlighter, to enhance the complexion and cheekbones and illuminate the face!


Flawless eyes to look less tired! 

We first start by the definition of the eyebrows. This step is critical: redrawn or filled in with a pencil and well brushed, the eyebrows open the eyes, while creating an instant "lift" effect!

Then, if your eyes look too small, apply a light-colored, slightly iridescent eye shadow. You can also draw a very thin line of eyeliner along the lash line. The finishing touch is the highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone.   


Red lips to enlighten the face! 

A bright and vivid lipstick is the ally of good looks! Don't hesitate to go all out: red, coral, fuchsia... All the flashy tones will instantly wake up your face and give it a unique glow! Go for it without hesitation but don't forget that the line must be impeccable. You have to outline the contours with a pencil of the same shade and remember to crosshatch the heart of the lips for a better hold of the product.

If red seems too risky, we opt for a tinted lip balm: minimalist makeup is trendy!

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