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Master Program Beauty, Artistic & Cinema

Get the most complete training in Beauty, Artistic and Cinema makeup and be ready to work in the industry.


12 months 17,000.00 Beginner

Learn all the fundamental makeup techniques and trends to work in all fields such as beauty, fashion, theater, artistic, television and cinema. And benefits from MAKE UP FOR EVER advantages.

13 months in the Paris Academy


Essential skin concepts
Anatomy and morphological studies of different faces
The makeup artist’s approach
Complexion, eye, mouth and eyebrow makeup
Shading techniques, light and shadow techniques
Corrective makeup techniques (concealing scars etc.)
Makeup: from the most natural to the most sophisticated
Makeup for mature skin, bridal and ethnic makeup (dark and Asian skin)
Lighting analysis basics
History of makeup from Antiquity to the present day
Makeup techniques for photography
Makeup techniques for the catwalk (Showrooms, Haute Couture and Designers)
Fashion makeup through the years
Practical advice for adapting the techniques taught to different professional contexts (photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings, etc.)

Lighting concepts and techniques on set (outside, day and night)
Makeup for men and women (natural, corrective and sophisticated)
Progressive aging for films (using makeup products and latex)
Products for recreating special effects on the skin (blood, latex, glue, artificial flesh, etc.)
Special effects fundamentals (diseases, corpse-like appearance, textures, etc.)

The world of the stage: theater, opera, dance, circus, etc.
Lighting concepts and techniques on stage (outside, day and night)
Use of shadow and light to transform a face
Using a character to create emotion (joy, anger, sadness, etc.)
Creating a spitting image (transforming a person into a celebrity)
Transforming a man into a woman
Designing and fitting bald caps
Stage special effects (products and techniques)
Creation of fantasy characters (monsters, vampires, etc.) and injuries

Presentation of products
Face morphology
Design of ‘plumping-up’ effects and expressions on the face
Artistic “beauty” makeup
Animal makeup (cats, reptiles, birds, etc.)
Examining different expressions


Presentation of products
Sketching a plan
Design and hairstyling
Shading techniques, light and shadow techniques
Designing scrolling and plants on the entire body
Creating material effects (wood, marble, fire, water, feathers, scales, etc.)
Designing extremely realistic Body Painting (item of clothing, tree, etc.)
Each year, two students are selected by the Academy’s teachers to take part in the World Body Painting Festival in Austria.

Make-up for films (period film, aging, make-up/ no make-up)
Reading, understanding and dividing a script
Role of the make-up artist on sets and in live situations
Various audio-visual productions
The history of Cinema, image and light

Creation of injuries, patina, bruises, etc
Airbrush (creation and camouflage of tattoos, special effects, optical illusions)


Introduction to different prosthetics: transfer...
Creation of small custom-made prosthetics: molding and sculpture
Casting, placement and make-up of prosthetics


Drawing courses with a teacher/speaker from Le Louvre Museum - 26 hours

All Master Programs are taught in French


Students are selected on the basis of their application file (administrative file and artistic portfolio assessed by the teaching body) and an individual interview with an Academy teacher who evaluates the candidate’s motivation and artistic sensitivity.

For the interview:
• Applicants are required to present their book.
• Applicants who don’t have degrees or previous art-schooling should justify sufficient motivation and artistic sensibility.
• Foreigners should send their application by email or mail and those who cannot come to an interview will be contacted to book a telephone interview.

All classes are held in French, perfect fluency is required.
All successful candidates must be at least 18 years of age on the first day of the course or for candidates aged 16 and 17, parental permission along with a parent's identification will be required.


During their trainings, students will do internships in differnts industries like TV, Theater, dance, fashion..

Example: The Voice, La Nouvelle Star, Japan Expo, le Salon Who’s Next, « La légende du Roi Arthur", Miss France


Following their training course, students submit 12 photos of their makeup for the 6 months exam.

This portfolio is assessed by a panel composed of professional makeup artists and Dany Sanz, and then serves as evidence of the student’s professional skills.


- An international network of professionals and makeup artists as speakers.
- MAKE UP FOR EVER offers kits at discounted prices at the start of the course and a 40% reduction at the Academy’s Pro Loft and in MAKE UP FOR EVER stores (5 rue la Boétie, 75008 Paris and 5 rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75004 Paris)
- After training, students who become Makeup Artists can at any point obtain a Professionals only Backstage card (i.e. a discount of 40%)


Application fees: 80€ (only by bank card, online payment or bank transfer)
Deposit payable upon registering, to confirm participation on the course: 4950€
Balance to be paid no later than 10 days before the start of the course: 11550€
Methods of payment accepted: debit/credit card, cash, bank transfer.
If the above fees have not been paid within the full 10 days before the start of the course, your registration will be cancelled.
Ancillary costs: Products Kit

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