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You're a beginner, looking for a short course to learn the basics of beauty make up ? Combine make-up and hairstyling to achieve a complete beauty makeover.


3 weeks 3,000.00 Beginner

The 3 week BEAUTY & HAIRSTYLING course is accessible to any beginner wishing to acquire all the make-up and hairstyling techniques necessary for a complete beauty treatment.

The courses take place from 10am to 5pm with a theoretical and demonstration part in the morning and a practical part in the afternoon;



- Introduction to make-up
- Morphological analysis of the face 
- Flash make-up 
- Morphology of the mouth and eyebrow shapes 
- Demonstration of full day make-up + liner 
- Make-up relooking
- Sophisticated make-up (evening)
- Trendy make-up 
- Glow" complexion technique
- Brow lift" technique


- Introduction to hair styling
- Blow-dry: smooth, curly, volume, flat
- Braids and plaits: African, spiky, Egyptian, 4-pronged
- Curling, waving and smoothing techniques with different curling irons
- Ponytail & smooth bun
- Volume attachment with crepe
- Afro effect technique, curling with an embossing iron
- Wave and notch technique
- Extensions and wig technique



  • 03 to 21 June 2024
  • 04 to 22 November 2024

Additional information:

- The participant certifies that he/she is at least 18 years old on the first day of the training;
- During the training, access to the Proloft shop where products are offered at a 40% discount;
- This training will allow you to obtain a certification of competence for the beauty part only. For your information, only long training courses (between 6 and 12 months) allow you to practice the profession of Professional Make-up Artist.
- 1 teacher for a maximum of 8 participants, 1 second teacher for more than 8 participants for the practice sessions;
- The Academy will do its best to offer one model per participant. In case of impediment, the participants will practice on each other. 
- The training is in French and English. The teachers will translate their lessons and explanations;
- MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY is a continuing education centre. Approval number 11753660875, issued by the Regional Directorate of Labour, Employment and Vocational Training of IDF.

The training material 

- A Hairdressing Kit necessary for the training, worth 250 € TTC, from our partner Delorme is at the expense of the participant (1 Hair dryer, 1 straightening iron, 1 D16 curling iron, 1 D25 curling iron, 1 cutting comb, 1 antistatic tail comb, 1 antistatic tray comb, 1 metal cage brush 60mm, 1 metal cage brush 40mm, 1 nylon boar brush, 1 blonde pressure coil 24cm, 1 black pressure coil 24cm, 1 firm round crepe 15cm, 1 ball spray 300ml)

- We provide all the make-up necessary for your practice sessions;
However, for hygiene reasons, we ask you to bring :
* Your brush kit, all brands accepted;
* 1 box of false lashes in fringe;
* 1 box of individual false lashes
* 1 bottle of brush cleaner;

Examination of the course

To access the final evaluation of the "Beauty Make-up" certification, candidates must have completed the "Beauty Make-up" module at the Academy Make Up For Ever. The Academy Make Up For Ever sends each candidate an e-mail before the start of the training course, informing them of the place, date, time and nature of the tests. The invitation specifies that the candidate must bring his/her invitation and an identity document to the various tests.

The final evaluation is a simulated professional situation, in a limited time, evaluated by a neutral validation jury and giving rise to a report on the results. The certification is then delivered after deliberation by the Jury of certification. The examination rules are available here.

To find out more about the examination procedures, please do not hesitate to ask us your questions - Contact us

Means made available

➢ 1000 m2 of training space including a fully equipped professional photo studio (Backgrounds, Light boxes, etc…);
➢ Makeup Stations (nomadic make-up suitcases), training briefcases, styling heads, vices, mannequins, etc.;
➢ Professional make-up products made available and renewed throughout the training;
➢ Face, Eye & Body Chart included;
➢ SONY HXR 4K High Definition cameras and giant OLED screens used during the demonstrations;
➢ Ergonomic work surface equipped with a high chair, mirror and variable intensity light
➢ Led panels with variable intensity and color temperature used during make-up demonstrations, and made available to participants to photograph their achievements.

Payment terms for the course

Deposit payable upon registration to confirm the course: 900 €.
Balance to be paid at the latest ten days before the beginning of the course: 2100 €.
Payment methods accepted: credit card, cash (by appointment), bank transfer.

Any payment of the full course fee not received 10 days before the start of the course will result in the cancellation of the registration.

Disabled candidates 

If you have a disability, do not hesitate to contact the Make up for ever Academy's disability advisor, who will be able to answer all your questions. 

Your contact: Vincent DE MONFREID

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